Made By Health, For Health


Tiki was born during the pandemic inspired by the needs of healthcare workers like myself. I have been a registered nurse for 10 years and understand how hard it can be for us to stay hydrated during a long stressful 12 hour shift. I, like a lot of my coworkers, hate the taste of plain water and wanted a healthy delicious alternative to encourage more water intake.

Tiki Water Enhancers

Hydration With Benefits

Instead of reaching for an unhealthy beverage alternative, I wanted to create a product that not only flavors your water, but also serves a functional purpose. Kind of like a 2 in 1!

Unique Formulations

As a nurse and mom, it was important to me to create a brand people can trust. A brand that is honest, transparent, and genuinely interested in helping the consumer. That’s why all of our products are made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and flavors available. We are health focused, without compromising flavor.

Our functional products can be used morning, noon, and night and are so delicious you forget you are drinking water! Tiki encourages a lifestyle of healthy hydration so that you can function at your best! A hydrated body is a better body.

Be The Light

As a nurse, the pandemic was a particularly stressful time, so I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a business owner!

I came up the name Tiki in 2018 because I love the tropics and I believe that during dark times, you can chose to be the light for others. Eureka! The Tiki torch was lit our slogan was made!

Tiki Water Enhancers