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Nurse Designed, Functional Water Enhancers

At Tiki, we are on a mission to bring a taste of paradise to your hydration routine. Our founder, a nurse with a passion for health and wellness, created our products with the needs of healthcare workers in mind.

She understood the importance of staying hydrated, especially during long and stressful shifts, and wanted to provide a delicious alternative to plain water. She not only wanted to flavor your water, but also provide a functional benefit to help people feel and function at their best. Her thought was "why reach for two drinks when you can just reach for one: a wellness water."

Tiki Water Enhancers

Hydration With Benefits

Our water enhancers are designed to not only quench your thirst but also provide functional benefits. Just like a 2 in 1! We help you hit your wellness goals one sip at a time :)

All of our water enhancers are made with natural and organic ingredients & free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. With Tiki, you get the benefits you desire, while also hitting your hydration goals at no extra effort. Elevate your wellness routine with Tiki.

Be The Light

Our slogan, "Be the Light" represents our commitment to positivity, purpose, and putting people first. We strive to be a guiding light in the wellness industry, providing products that not only nourish your body but also inspire you to follow your dreams.

Let us be the light for you so that you can continue to be the light for others.

-Stephanie, RN, CEO & Founder

Tiki Water Enhancers