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Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Island Passionfruit 3-Pack

This energizing blend is designed to help you take on the day with vigor and enthusiasm! Increase your water intake while enjoying a natural energy boost. Not only will it give you a sustained energy boost without the crash, but the passionfruit flavor will transport you to a tropical paradise! Enjoy the benefits of Ashwagandha, B-Vitamins, Green Coffee BeanGinsengBeetroot, and CoQ-10 in one delicious sip!

375 mg Natural Caffeine Per Bottle  |  24 Servings Per Bottle | 3-Pack
Directions: Add 1-2 Squeeze into an 8 oz glass of cold water for an energizing boost!
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Why Tiki?

Tiki water enhancers are comprised of the natural and organic ingredients only.

Our enhancers will never contain artificial ingredients, calories or sugar.

Natural &

organic Ingredients







No Sugar

Or Calories

No Artificial


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