What We are Doing Now

Tiki will always be as transparent as possible with our customer base. That being said, COVID-19 has affected all of us in many ways, and Tiki is no exception. Tiki’s plan has always been to package its product using bottles that yield the highest amount of recycled plastic possible. However, due to the demand for hand sanitizer throughout the world, the lead time on the small bottles made with recycled plastics is over 8 months! Unfortunately, this means that we must temporarily use plastic bottles until our recycled bottles become available.

Rest assured, this is only a temporary solution. We will immediately pivot to using our 2 oz post consumer resin (recycled) bottles as soon as they are available.

Our Plans for the Future

At Tiki it's no secret that we love our oceans, beaches and forests. To prove it, we are partnering with the Seabin Project!

The Seabin Project has created an innovative new way of removing plastic, oils, and other debris from our oceans. It is essentially a floating rubbish bin that captures waste which comes within its vicinity. This process is shown in the video above. 

We plan on launching our first bin by the end of the year! We will keep you posted!